Jewish Memory And The Cosmopolitan Order

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Natan Sznaider offers a highly original account of Jewish memory and politics before and after the Holocaust


And it is precisely this tension, which Sznaider seeks to capture in his innovative conception of rooted cosmopolitanism', that is increasingly the destiny of all peoples today

It seeks to recover an aspect of Jewish identity that has been almost completely lost today namely, that throughout much of their history Jews were both a nation and cosmopolitan, they lived in a constant tension between particularism and universalism

Jewish identity and universalist human rights were born together, developed together and are still fundamentally connected

The book demonstrates how particular Jewish affairs are connected to current concerns about cosmopolitan politics like human rights, genocide, international law and politics

The book pays special attention to Jewish intellectuals who played an important role in advancing universal ideas out of their particular identities

The central figure in this respect is Hannah Arendt and her concern to build a better world out of the ashes of the Jewish catastrophe

This book will appeal both to readers interested in Jewish history and memory and to anyone concerned with current debates about citizenship and cosmopolitanism in the modern world.

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